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About Us

Thank you very much for your interest in Ajyaal Montessori Pre-School, however it is highly unlikely that we can accommodate the application as we are full for the Academic Year 2019-2020. 

A Message From The Founders

Ajyaal Montessori, founded in 2006, was born from a deep desire to offer our children the best possible bilingual education in their most critical formative years. Like all mothers, we wanted our children’s unique and individual strengths to be recognised, developed and nurtured in a positive and empowering environment.

Montessori education is a highly developed and widely tested method which encourages the special abilities of each child. Celebrating its one hundred year anniversary in 2007, Montessori is one of the leading educational theories and methods around the world. It has been shown to foster personal independence, high self-worth, deep thinking, concern for others, and a love for learning and school.

We strive in every way to create a community of faculty, staff and parents who are passionate about child advancement, educational excellence and cultural enrichment. Our aim is to set a new standard for early childhood education in the region, informed by the Montessori Method and the latest science on child development.

Aseel bint Khalifa Al Khalifa and Yara Ghazi Algosaibi